2016-09-12 10:26

Earlier this week Mr. Coyote and I did a little shopping for our wedding bands. I was kind of super excited about this and was literally counting down the minutes until our appointment. We went back to David S. Diamonds (where we purchased my engagement ring) and met with our jeweler Ravin. Let me just say that Ravin is the sweetest, nicest, bubbliest (is that a word?) guy around. Even though we hadn’t seen him in almost two years he immediately recognized us,6合宝典彩图w w.1885, ushered us in, and immediately gave my engagement ring a cleaning. I swear,s wardrobe what would you choose, even though I clean it myself from time to time, it looked brand spankin’ new when he was done with it. He’s the bestest!

Now, I want to wear both my engagement ring and my wedding band together so I knew right away that I wanted a matching set:

(Personal Photo) / Remember this little beauty?

Ravin and I must share the same brain or something because without even saying anything he immediately pulled out a handful of wedding bands — all exactly like ones I had been drooling over online.

I quickly narrowed it down to two options:

Image via Blue Nile

Image via C Jewelry Fashion

I know, I know… They look exactly the same right? I swear they’re different! The big decision to make was whether or not the diamonds should go all the way around the band or just stop halfway (like they do on my engagement ring). After a few back and forths and some price comparisons we decided to just go for it and get the eternity band. The cost wasn’t that different and the biggest reason (which I fully admit is a really silly reason) is that I know I will obsess about lining the two rings up if my wedding band spins around my finger. With the eternity band I won’t have that problem.

Mr. C, in true procrastinator fashion, said he meant to research bands but never got around to it and had no idea what he wanted. Ravin came to the rescue and showed us a few different styles. First Mr. Coyote tried on a milgrain band, but neither of us were really wowed:

Image via Blue Nile

He also tried on few more simple designs:

Image via Greg Helfer

But he said they were too plain and that he wanted something with a little more character. I asked him if he meant something like this:

Image via Blue Nile

Now, I know that Mr. C does NOT want any diamonds in his band, but I just couldn’t help it. What? It has plenty of character and will match perfectly with my band! *Evil grin* But finally, we came upon this beauty:

Image via Greenwich Jewelers

A platinum band with a satin finish. Not too simple, not too ornate. I think it’s perfect! Mr. Coyote was having some commitment issues (with a ring, not with me! ;)) and hasn’t made a decision yet. I have a feeling he is going to end up with this last one, though. He kept coming back to it and tried it on a few times, admiring how it looked on his finger. For some reason seeing Mr. Coyote with a wedding on reminded me that this is really happening and that in just a few short months we will officially be an old, married couple!

Have your purchased your wedding bands yet? Did it make the whole marriage thing seem more tangible and real to you, too?

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